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Italian Historical Society - Melbourne

The role of the Italian Historical Society is to collect, preserve, interpret and foster an understanding of the history and heritage of Australians of Italian origin within a multicultural Astralia.

The italian Historical Society is located in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton and is part of Co.As.It., a body which promotes and supports the teaching of Italian language an culture and also provides welfare services for Victoria's Italo-Australians.

The IHS collection is open to anyone interested in the history of Italian migration and is enhanced and supported by professional collection management practices, education programs, and collaboration with mainstream organisations.

The IHS collections include:
  • An extensive collection of photographs, ephemera, letters, documents, official records and newspaper cuttings which relate to Italian migration and settlement in Australia. Much of the material has been donated by Italian migrants and their descendents. While reflective of the experience of Italians across the country, the focus of this collection is Victoria.
  • A collection of of objects including games, clothing, embroidery, food packaging, toys and other items relating to the life of Italians in Australia. Most of therse items are now housed in the Immigration Museum (Museum Victoria) in Flinders Street, Melbourne.
  • A digitised photographic archive of some 7,000 items covering the period from the 19th century to the late 1960s
  • Individual collections realting to people who have made a significant contribution to the Italo-Australian community and Australia in general. These include the Bonollo letters, the Candela sheet music and slide collection, the Mangiamele film and photographic collections, the Jacqueline Templeton and Santo Spirito collections.
  • A library containing books, journals and theses.

Further information on the IHS is available on the site. Click on 'Italian Historical Society' in the left column. The Society's Journal, published twice yearly is also downloadable, free of charge, from this site.

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