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Mine Gianna: a jump back in history

Mining plant at level Gianna
Mining plant at level Gianna
© Archivio Ecomuseo delle Miniere e della Val Germanasca (Photo: Serena Maccari)
In the" Well Area " the freight elevator used for the talc transport e from one level to the other can be seen. Here, in fact, the talc tubs coming from the other galleries were gathered to be transported to the outside and loaded on the trucks.

Some traces of the means of communication used in different periods can still be seen: initially through sound signals, encoded in long rings for ascent and descent, and short rings for levelling. The hoistman manoeuvred the extraction plant from a box situated at the level Paola.
From 1991-92 the Company "Luzenac S.p.A." placed some television cameras at the inferior levels to film the loading and unloading operations but the idea was not successful due to the damp of the mine.
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