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Pipistrello, Cina, epoca Kangxi (1662-1722)
Pipistrello, Cina, epoca Kangxi (1662-1722)
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WorldWideMetaMuseum offers the museums the opportunity to present their own heritage creating a high quality virtual museum in an autonomous, simple and free way.

The visitors can search contents, read the stories through images of the museums and create their own new ones.

WWMM lends itself to many applications in different and wide ranged fields such as study, research, teaching, cultural tourism. More...


I-MUSEUM and WWMM are "Competence Centre" and "Good Practice" of the MINERVA network

The european project MCERN-Mining Culture Educational and Research Network, based on WWMM, is now accessible.

WWMM and University of Milano-Bicocca are searching for partners for two international projects on First World War and migrations.

WWMM is: 1835 pictures, 36 museums, 90 stories
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