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All about WWMM

What is WWMM?

WWMM offers every museum the possibility of freely and simply creating a high quality virtual museum in a very visible context. It aims at promoting the cultural role of the museums and making the knowledge of their patrimony easier by offering the visitors new interaction possibilities.

  • It is a free online tool for the creation of virtual visiting paths to the museums' assets.
  • It is a shared archive and a search engine for images of museums.
  • It is a portal to the museums, that promotes the image of each museum and its area.
  • It is a tool that promotes the cultural role of the museum opening its contents to the free and active knowledge building.
  • It is a tool that stimulates the processes of active knowledge, finding countless applications in the study, the research, the teaching, and cultural tourism.
  • It is a continuously growing museum of museums.
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