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Parco Minerario dei Piani Resinelli

Visit to the Anna mine

A short trail throughout four centuries, from 1582 to 1958, in order to know the ancient and modern mining techniques, the geologic characteristics of the place, the miners’ life. An interesting trail for people of all ages, through a path into the wood at an altitude of almost 1300 meters, below the wonderful Southern "Grigna".

Original language: IT | EN - Publishing: 19/06/2005

In the belly of the mountain

The gnomes accompany in the belly of the mountain the youngest visitors to tell them about the difficult work of the miners

Original language: IT | EN - Publishing: 14/01/2005

La geomorfologia del Parco minerario dei Piani Resinelli

Un percorso che consente di cogliere, nell'ambiente montano, la coesistenza e l'interazione fra fenomeni geologici naturali e prodotti artificiali.

Original language: IT - Publishing: 14/01/2005
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