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Museu de Geologia Valentí Masachs

The Valentí Masachs Geology Museum, which belongs of the Technical University of Catalonia is located at the Technical College of Manresa. It was founded in 1980,and Dr. Valentí Masachs Alavedra was its first curator. His private collection of fossils and minerals and the samples gathered by the museum's staff were used to set up the first mineralogical and paleontological displays with which the Museum was opened to the public.

1993 saw the incorporation of a display showing the apllications of minerals, which heralded a new stage in the museum's educational endeavour for students and lecturers at all levels. In 1995 new displays showing the uses of rock-based materials were introduced.

To date, the museum's display cases have housed collections on a variety of themes, including meteorites, agates, the new classification of fossils according to geochronology, minerals and the euro, diamonds and their uses, metamorphism, Gaudí, rock-forming beings and radioactivity.

The museum corrently houses a collection of approximaltely 5.000 minerals, 2.000 rocks and 3.000 fossils. The collection basically comprises samples found by staff members and pieces that are the result of private donations, exchanges and several acquisitions.
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