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1940s Mining Life

Wireless (radio)
Wireless (radio)
© National Coal Mining Museum for England (Photo: National Coal Mining Museum for England)
Children in a 1940s miner's house would usually have been in bed by 7 o'clock on school nights. Friday night was bath night and on a Friday, children could stop up until 8 o'clock. They all had their tea around the table, pots were washed, children had done their school work and then they would all settle down and perhaps play games like noughts and crosses, battleships or snakes and ladders. Mother or father might switch the wireless (radio) on so that they could listen to it.

Whilst they were listening to the wireless they had a bit of a chat about what they were going to do on Saturday morning. Children had their friends round and they played games in the yard such as hopscotch, cricket, kick the can or marbles and conkers.
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