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Mine Gianna: a jump back in history

Concrete mixing plant
Concrete mixing plant
© Archivio Ecomuseo delle Miniere e della Val Germanasca (Photo: Bruno Allaix)
The concrete mixing plant at the" Gianna" received the " boiacca" (a mixture of cement, water and fluidifier to delay the setting, prepared outside the" Paola") through pipes and seal temporarily shaking in the mixers.

A turbocharged pump drew a default quantity of the mixture carrying it first to a 100l batcher and then to the launching pot. Here there came also the gravel emptied in a winze slide of by the carts at the level "Paola".

The pot were then closed with watertight lid and put into pressure by two air jets. Once ready the mixture was launched through pipes and brought to the yards to be filled.
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