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Mine Gianna: a jump back in history

Gallery Gianna pediment
Gallery Gianna pediment
© Archivio Ecomuseo delle Miniere e della Val Germanasca (Photo: Serena Maccari)
The gallery" Gianna" was open in 1935 and it belonged to the mines denominated " Section Gianna", together with the Paola and the galleries situated at an inferior quota.

The Gianna is the only one, among these galleries, to have two entrances, one above mentioned and one on the slope of Salza to allow the entry of the miners coming from Salza and Massello.
It is , therefore, the only gallery to cross the border among the continental rocks, belonging to the Dora-Maira massif, and the rocks of oceanic origin, belonging instead to the Stratum of the Calcareous schist with Green Stones.

Such border is not well defined but there is a gradual passage from the mica schist to the calcareous schist with basic and ultra basic rocks, the ophiolites
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